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Is this possible to convert a .class file (from .jar external library) to a .java file? I'm trying to figure out whether it is possible or not because the source of the external library is unavailable.

What are the steps I need to take to do this?

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People's giving you good pointers to java decompilers. Just be aware that your library might be obfuscated, meaning a post compilation step took place where all package, class, field and method names where renamed to something unintelligible like A.b.c. Also, you'll loose the comments in the original source code no matter what you do. – Miquel Jul 3 '12 at 9:17

use a java decompiler like "Cavaj". It will open the class into a txt format, copy the code to a file and save as .java

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Use jad. Download it from here. It works fine with classes compiled up to SDK 1.4... 1.5, if I recall correctly.

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The javap command takes class-names without the .class extension. Try

javap -c ClassName

javap will however not give you the implementations of the methods in java-syntax. It will at most give it to you in JVM bytecode format. To actually decompile (i.e., do the reverse of javac) you will have to use proper decompiler.

or may be this be of some help Java Decomilers

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it is Possible to convert a class file to java file without using any tools . e.g Decompiler or something else ?

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Should have been a comment – sagi Feb 4 at 12:58

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