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Authorize attribute are good to do some access control base on Action but suppose that I have some UI element in the layout that should note be output unless the user is authorize.

I could possibly set some boolean in the ViewBag but that is not the good solution I guess.

Somewhere in the Layout.cshtml:

@if (ViewBag.IsAuthorized)
     <li>@Html.ActionLink("Index", "Admin")</li>

Let me know if there is a better solution. Thanks.

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Use the WebPageRenderingBase.User object; assuming you've earlier set the user into the HttpContext, or on the Controller (which you really should be). Since you're using the Authorize attribute I'm thinking there must be a User - so hopefully the following should work.

This User can be accessed in Razor very easily:


Would output the current user's name. So an if block that runs only if the user is authenticated would be:


Outputs "Hello" if the user is authenticated.

Thanks to James below for reminding me that you can check IsAuthenticated off the User object - I couldn't find it initially - but then remembered it's on the Identity!

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Which details are you missing? –  mathk Jul 3 '12 at 9:08
@AndrasZoltan deleted my comment as I see you updated anyway. –  James Jul 3 '12 at 9:13

You can make a helper method and call that from the layout.

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you can call a function that verifies if the user is authenticated:


public bool checkUser(string user)
//User is allowed?
return true/false;


@if (checkUser(User.Identity.Name)
     <li>@Html.ActionLink("Index", "Admin")</li>
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