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I want to replace all single quotes in a string with two single quotes using sed. But when string contains & sed command is not replacing single quotes coming after that. please share some thoughts on this.

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You don't need to escape anything in the input:

$ echo "123 ' foo & b'ar" | sed "s/'/''/g"
123 '' foo & b''ar

However, in the 'replacement' part of the s command & has a special meaning: it means 'match'. That's why the above command can be re-written as:

$ echo "123 ' foo & b'ar" | sed "s/'/&&/g"
123 '' foo & b''ar

Escape it with a \ like everything else that needs to be escaped, if needed:

$ echo "123 ' foo & b'ar" | sed "s/'/'\&'/g"
123 '&' foo & b'&'ar
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It's easier to answer if you post your code, but I'm guessing you're not escaping the ampersand. Change & to \& if you want a literal ampersand.

See section 3.1.2 of The sed FAQ for a more detailed explantion, if you're curious.

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Hey, I want to replace a string with & in my output string. I have tried "&", \&, \\&, \\\&, "'\&'" based on different answers on web but nothing works, any suggestions? – Ava Nov 27 '14 at 20:32
\& works for me. For example, I can replace all instances of amp with & by using sed "s/amp/\&/g". If you're still having problems, you should post a new question with your input string and your code. – Darshan-Josiah Barber Nov 27 '14 at 20:51
Yea it does. I was using another file which did not have the change :( – Ava Nov 27 '14 at 21:09

It's working for me

bash>echo "'This is a string with 'single quote' & '&'" | sed "s/'/''/g"
''This is a string with ''single quote'' & ''&''
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