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$ HDMan -A -D -T l -m -w wlist -n monophonesl -i -l dlog dict ../lexicon/voxforge_lexicon C:\cygwin\HTK\htk-3.3-windows-binary\htk\HDMan.exe -A -D -T l -m -w wlist -n monophonesl -i -l dlog dict ../lexicon/voxforge_lexicon

No HTK Configuration Parameters Set

ERROR [+5021] GetChkedInt: Integer Arg Required for T option FATAL ERROR - Terminating program C:\cygwin\HTK\htk-3.3-windows-binary\htk\HDMan.exe

I am on the third step to train julius using voxforge training. I created lexicon file and global.ded file as mentioned in the text. wheni run the command on cygwin oi get this error. I have been tring stuff but cannot figure it out. can you help me on this.?

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-T l

The right command includes number 1, not the letter l. Use

-T 1

To avoid such issues in the future use a font which distinguish them. Copy-paste commands instead of retyping them. Read the message from the tool and try to understand, it already says you where the problem is.

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Thank you i figured it out just 10mins ago. Thank you for your reply, i think from now i will copy paste the commands instead of writing it. I have one more question i have been trying to find a french lexion dictionary. french pronuntiation dictionary to use in julius. If someone can post a link or file. I tried to find but didnt had the desired results... Thank you again!! – user1495973 Jul 3 '12 at 15:43
You can find french phonetic dictionary inside CMUSphinx acoustic models which are working with Pocketsphinx to recognize French. sourceforge.net/projects/cmusphinx/files/… – Nikolay Shmyrev Jul 3 '12 at 16:47

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