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I have a pivot page with 3 lists. I'm binding observable collection to each of them. GetHabitats() function I have in PhoneApplicationPage_Loaded

The problem is when go to details page with this code:

ObservableCollection<HabitatDB> _habitatEntries = null;

private void GetHabitats()
            string strSelect = "SELECT id, name FROM alicebw_habitat ORDER BY id ASC";
            _habitatEntries = (Application.Current as App).db.SelectObservableCollection<HabitatDB>(strSelect);

            HabitatListBox.ItemsSource = _habitatEntries;


private void HabitatListBox_SelectionChanged(object sender, System.Windows.Controls.SelectionChangedEventArgs e)
            HabitatDB data = (sender as ListBox).SelectedItem as HabitatDB;
            int habitatid = data.id;
            NavigationService.Navigate(new Uri("/BirdHabitat.xaml?habitatid=" + habitatid, UriKind.Relative));    

Page is working fine but when I press BACK I have an error in int habitatid = data.id about null exception.

But, when I put GetHabitats(); right after InitializeComponent();everything is working good but page is loading very long. It looks and works much more better on Loaded event so how can I fix it to stay it like that?

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check "if e.AddedItem.Count > 0" before performing any operation in HabitatListBox_SelectionChanged –  josemiguel.torres Jul 3 '12 at 9:48
Nicee :) thanks mate. Put all in if statement, and left else empty and it's working nice! –  dargod Jul 3 '12 at 9:57

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