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I have code

            DatagramConnection _dc =(DatagramConnection)Connector.open("sms://");         
            Datagram d = _dc.newDatagram(_dc.getMaximumLength());               
            _dc.receive(d); //Receive the sms
            byte[] bytes = d.getData();
            String address = d.getAddress(); //The address of the sms is put on a string.
            String msg = new String(bytes);

Does the above code listen for incoming SMS's on a continuous basis, or does it just listen for 1 sms? If it just listens for 1 SMS can you please provide me with code to listen for SMS's on a continuous basis.

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If you want to listen all the incoming messages, start a thread that listens the messages. –  Signare Jul 3 '12 at 11:47
Thanks for the reply, can you please provide me so code on how to do tht? –  BirthOfTragedy Jul 3 '12 at 12:37

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Your code reads only a single SMS. If you need to read every SMS delivered, you need a loop like this one posted in the official knowledge base article:

        DatagramConnection _dc = (DatagramConnection)Connector.open("sms://");
        for(;;) {
               Datagram d = _dc.newDatagram(_dc.getMaximumLength());
               byte[] bytes = d.getData();
               String address = d.getAddress();
               String msg = new String(bytes);
               System.out.println( "Received SMS text from " + address + " : " + msg);

Now a question arises: Is the BB OS delivering SMSs to listening apps in a serial way? If it were (I think so but never tested to that extent), then all you need to do is to forward the message as quickly as possible to a consumer (otherwise you would be hogging the connection listener thread during the SMS processing).

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Thanks for the reply, your code helped. –  BirthOfTragedy Jul 3 '12 at 12:45

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