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How i can add a new bookmark entry in chrome bookmarkfile?. My requirement is, i need to add a bookmark entry through my application. Please specify the logic behind creating checksum(MD5).

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For creating md5 check sums, see the CryptoJS library: code.google.com/p/crypto-js/#MD5 –  Rob W Jul 3 '12 at 20:09

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Regardless of the safety/hackishness of doing it, here's how:

  1. Make sure Chrome is closed.
  2. Delete Bookmarks.bak
  3. Remove the checksum entry entirely from Bookmarks
  4. Edit the Bookmarks JSON to your hearts content
  5. Reopen Chrome

When presented with no backups and no checksum, Chrome will use the new JSON and generate a new checksum.

If you would like to do this more seamlessly / less aggressively, you can just look at how they generate the checksum in the original source code and implement the same algorithm (see here, on line 54).

Of course, keep in mind that Google can change things that could break compatibility. However, this does work, I just did it in a Java app I wrote.

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My advice: not to. It is hack-like behaviour. Chrome doesn't include the bookmark file in its "API", and it can change without warning. We don't know what happens if you change the file while Chrome is running. Does Chrome read that file every time before writing? Or it is read only once at start-up? What about profiles and synchronizing bookmarks?

I recommend using the bookmark object in Chrome's extension API.

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