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I hope you are well. I'm having some issues with iterating through a variant array in VBA. I'm trying to create a macro which displays a form which allows the user to enter a directory, a parent folder name and then allows them to select via tabs which sub-folders will feature within the parent folder using a range of checkboxes. My user form

I've got it to work as far as entering the drive, project name and project number which first checks if the parent folder exists and if not creates it. However, I then go on to check if the 'Use Online' checkbox is active and if so create an array of the names of all of the other checkboxes within the 'Online' tab. It then gets tricky because I want to loop through each of the checkbox names to check whether each one is active and if so, I want to grab the 'caption' of each checkbox and use it to create a subfolder within the parent directory (if it does not already exist). When I execute my current code I get 'Run-time error '424' Object required and the line (If itm.Value = True Then) highlighted in yellow. I'm quite new to VBA as I'm from a PHP / server-side background so the solution is probably really simple but if you guys have any pointers, it would be a huge help. All of the code used for the 'create folders' part of this user form can be found below:

Private Sub create_folders_button_Click()

'Create a variable for the drive letter
Dim driveLetter As String
driveLetter = drive_list.Value

'Create a variable for the project name
Dim projectName As String
projectName = p_name_textbox.Value

'Create a variable for the project number
Dim projectNumber As String
projectNumber = p_number_textbox.Value

'Create a variable for the constructed BasePath
Dim BasePath As String

'Create a new file system object for handling filesystem manipulation
  Set fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

'Populate an array with the online subfolders
  Dim onlineSubfolders As Variant
  onlineSubfolders = Array("online_progCosts", "online_exports")

'Compile the basePath

  BasePath = driveLetter & projectName & " (" & projectNumber & ")"

'Check if the project folder already exists and if so, raise an error and exit
    If Dir(BasePath, vbDirectory) <> "" Then
       MsgBox BasePath & " already exists", , "Error"
    'Create the project folder
       MkDir BasePath
       MsgBox "Parent folder creation complete"

    If online_toggle.Value = True Then
        Dim online As String
        online = "Online"
        MkDir BasePath & "\" & online

        Dim itm As Variant
        For Each itm In onlineSubfolders
            If folder_creator_window.Controls(itm).Value = True Then
                    Dim createFolder As String
                    createFolder = folder_creator_window.Controls(itm).Caption
                    NewFolder = BasePath & "\" & online & "\" & createFolder
                        If fs.folderexists(NewFolder) Then
                            'do nothing
                            MkDir NewFolder
                        End If

            'do nothing
            End If

        Next itm

    MsgBox "The online folder was not created because it was not checked"

    End If

End If

End Sub

Thanks in advance, Jason

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onlineSubfolders = Array("online_progCosts", "online_exports")
For Each itm In onlineSubfolders
            If itm.Value = True Then

Each element of the array is a string. Strings don't have .Value properties.

I guess those are the names of your checkboxes, so you need to get the value by referencing the control itself. I don't know what your form is called.

If FormName.Controls(itm).Value = True
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