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How does selenium work? Can you explain the internal working of it.

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Can you clarify your question? What exactly are you looking for? How is it put together architecturally? How does it manage to execute generic tasks on any web page? – Alex Weinstein Sep 22 '08 at 4:05
as Alex said please clarify what exactly you want to know. Architecture, how it talks to browser, or how it preform any operation on any web element etc... – Shubhasmit Gupta Sep 24 '15 at 9:44

First there's a layer of javascript code that is used to automate the browser and simulate events, run and verify tests. Next, you run a proxy server - which you point your browser to - that injects this javascript code. Then, you can talk to this proxy server through another port using a set of commands which causes the proxy server to inject javascript code to be run on(or remote controlling) the running browser. Using this framework you can write automated test scripts in a style very much like writing macros for the browser.

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I think it might be different if you're using Selenium 2. seleniumhq.org/docs/… – Sam Backus Aug 15 '11 at 19:25
RC is now obsoleted, because of all this injection of javascript application/browser used to behave differently and that why selenium 2.0 or webdriver came. – Shubhasmit Gupta Sep 24 '15 at 9:35

How Selenium Works

Even has some pretty images. :)

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You may, or may not, need the Selenium Server, depending on how you intend to use Selenium. If you will be strictly using the WebDriver API you do not need the Selenium Server. The Selenium Server provides Selenium-RC functionality, which is primarily used for Selenium 1.0 backwards compatability. Since WebDriver uses completely different technology to interact with the browsers, the Selenium Server is not needed. Selenium-WebDriver makes direct calls to the browser using each browser’s native support for automation. Selenium-RC however requires the Selenium- Server to inject javascript into the browser and to then translate messages from your test program’s language-specific Selenium client library into commands that invoke the javascript commands which in turn, automate the AUT from within the browser. In short, if you’re using Selenium-WebDriver, you don’t need the Selenium-Server.

Another reason for using the Selenium-Server is if you are using Selenium-Grid for distributed exectution of your tests. Finally, if you are using Selenium-backed Web-Driver (the WebDriver API but with back-end Selenium technology) you will also need the Selenium Server. These topics are described in more detail later in this chapter.

Also, see http://seleniumhq.org/docs/index.html

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Basically it works on following principal . It first Searches for element which you specify in your Locator by searching it in HTML document shown in driver launched browser . After finding element it gets location of Object.After getting that location ROBOT Class methods like MOUSECLICK MOUSE Move etc to perform actions on these locations.I hope this works :-)

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I) If it is selenium RC then the process will be,

  1. Your script reaches the selenium server(which you started in specific port)
  2. In server script will be converted to "Java Script"(Which will be understandable by all the browser)
  3. Then it reaches the browser and do the further actions based on the script(type, click etc).. If element not found then it will through exception. :)

II) If it is selenium webdriver then the process will be,

  1. Instead of the above process, Script will be directly interact to the specified browser(Using browser API) -> Then do the further actions.
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