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My XML format is this :


I have passes this xml to an stored procedure and in this stored procedure I am saving all Main child node data in main table.

But now for the general and feature table i am using another sp and i want to pass all child nodes on tag to this generalinertionsp as xml and same as feature.

but how can i passed these nodes to another sp.

How can i read inner child node vales as an xml and pass a partial xml to an another sp???

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If @x is your XML variable

 select @x.query('/Main/General')
 select @x.query('/Main/Feature')

will give your child nodes

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You can select fragments of your original XML by using the .query() function in SQL Server:

DECLARE @input XML = '... (your XML here).....' 

    GeneralNode = @input.query('Main/General'),
    FeatureNode = @input.query('Main/Feature')

You can now pass this XML fragment into your other stored procedure to be processed there.

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