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I have installed Nexus 2.0.6 and the integration with my LDAP server is working (authentication only). Is there a way to configure Nexus so that only a set of developers are able to deploy a given artifact, or group?

I basically do not want a developer in Team A deploying an artifact that Team B is reponsible for.

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You may partition a repository using repository targets, privileges, and roles as described in this Sonatype blog post. I tested this a few months back and it seemed to work well.

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Under Nexus 2.0.1, this is the solution that I've worked through and verified.

This allows one to restrict the "Artifact Upload" option to a directory hierarchy.
This is not quite the same as "deploy" or in conjunction with "release prepare".


  1. Remove the single privilege of "Artifact Upload" from all that presently have it, that you do not want to have it.

  2. Create the "Repository-Target" that includes the directory mask of where you want to give access. Ex. .*/com/mycompany/target-dir/.*
    Double check the mask, it starts with period-asterisk AND ends with period-asterisk.

  3. Create the "Repository-Privilege" that maps to the Repository-Target you just created. Typically I include the repo-name in this repository-privilege-name, like "releases.com.mycompany.target-dir". This creates the CRUD entries (4) for said directory.

  4. Next, create the "Role" based on the Repository Privileges you just created (4), plus "Artifact Upload". Total of 5 entries for the role. Use the "Apply Filter" here to help you find these items. I name this role something like "Upload.Role.Releases.Target-Dir". Again, when finished there should be 5 entries for this role:
    Artifact Upload

    This is what constrains the upload role to this repo.directory.

  5. Create the User if it does not already exist, assign password.

  6. Give the user the following Roles:
    Nexus Deployment
    Repo: All Maven Repositories(Read)
    UI: Base UI Privileges

Hit save and you've got it. Later on, you can use this same approach to create a new Role for other repos (say Snapshot or 3rd Party), and keep the same directory mask.

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