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I have a chart in Highcharts (to be more specific: it's a Highstocks chart, candlesticks type) and now I want to add some SVG shapes to it.

I know there is this renderer object, but it only accepts x- and y-coordinates relative to the canvas.

What I need is to add some shapes at a specific TIME (xAxis), so I either need it to accept x/y vales as the chart coordinates (not the canvas coordinates) (which I clearly doubt is possible) or we need to get the x/y-canvas-position of a specific point inside the chart.

Is there any way to do this?

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To draw SVG shape and move it with the zoom , there is two ways i used the first one just take it as an idea and see if you can do it better than me , second way always works

the first way

Get the x coordinate for this shape : as you know highstock use unix time , so lets say you want to add your shape at X data = 1326844540000 , now get the x position for 1326844540000 according to series[i] i will assume that you have one series so use series[0] , here is how you get the x-coor :

               $.each(chart.series[0].points, function(index,value){
                         if(value.category == 1326847170000 ) 
                         console.log(this.plotX) ;

now use .append() to add your SVG :

   var myrect = $(".highcharts-series-group") ; 
    $(myrect).append(<your svg goes here with 
            x ="you have it from the previous code " y="")

this code will go inside (xAxis - events - setExtremes ) And o nchart load as well

the recommended way

the recommended and guranteed way is to create a flag give it an id and then you can do what ever you want by editing the attr() of this flag


  • if you add a flag to your chart flags by default transform when zooming so you don't need to be worry about moving your element every time rangeselector or zoom change .
  • if you give your flag id it will be easily selected using jquery
  • see this : enter image description here
  • the fourth path in the highlighted <g> tag is what you will edit to draw what ever you want
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Your "first way" is the way I've solved the problem so far but it's still not 'perfect'. There seem to be some deviations from the exact positions, don't know... And I don't quite understand your "recommended way"... could you please add some explaining words? :) – Michel Michael Meyer Jul 9 '12 at 21:31
check the updates – Mina Gabriel Jul 9 '12 at 22:50

You can use graphics to replace a certain data point. The following example demonstrates this ability. In the below example a specific point is being replaced by a graphic. It happens to be the highest point that needs to be graphed.

data: [7.0, 6.9, 9.5, 14.5, 18.2, 21.5, 25.2, {
  y: 26.5,
  marker: {symbol: 'url('}
}, 23.3, 18.3, 13.9, 9.6] 
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You can extend existing symbols via

$.extend(Highcharts.Renderer.prototype.symbols, {
    newSymbol: function() {
        return [//SVG path as Array];

Here is a fiddle demonstrating that

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This seems to be a nice way but I don't seem to get it right! I'd like to define my own, let's say, circle which I can put at a desired x/y-location, but if I change the x/y-values inside the data section it only adjusts the xAxis while the circle stays exactly where it was. Example here (with a square in this case): Example – Michel Michael Meyer Jul 9 '12 at 21:26
The fiddle seems to no longer work. – Zac Nov 22 '13 at 20:54

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