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I added a custom user field in Liferay, and set a value on a specific user.

How can I access this value programmatically?

If I try this, I always get null:

String customAttr = (String)user.getExpandoBridge().getAttribute("customAttr");

user.getExpandoBridge().getAttribute("customAttr") returns a value of Type java.IO.Serializable.

Maybe the cast here is wrong?

But the Custom Attribute does exist (following code prints out the attribute key):

for (Enumeration<String> attrs = user.getExpandoBridge().getAttributeNames(); attrs.hasMoreElements();)
    _log.info("elem: '" + attrs.nextElement() + "'");

Somehow I miss the point here....

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It was a security problem...

In com.liferay.portlet.expando.service.impl.ExpandoValueServiceImpl.getData(String className, String tableName, String columnName, long classPK):

    if (ExpandoColumnPermission.contains(
            getPermissionChecker(), column, ActionKeys.VIEW)) {

        return expandoValueLocalService.getData(
            className, tableName, columnName, classPK);
    else {
        return null;

I only had to set the view permisson on the custom expando value, and everything worked fine.

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Check here how to fix the issue when custom fields (expando fields) are exported for users in CSV http://liferay.bdedov.eu/2012/02/exporting-user-custom-fields-in-csv.html. If you want to make an export of users and define custom fields to be included in the export then you receive only null values for for the custom fields. Check out this post to see how to fix this.

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