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I am revoking a timer in android using intent now if i want to put that timer in a background when user clicks on directly back button then how do i do that? and then when i see background apps running it should be working and can be brought to front.

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The problem is that if you define the counter in your Activity, the counter is bound to the Activity life-cycle. In order to workaround this, you can create your counter in a Service and just visualize the value in Activity.

There are also several techniques which you can use when defining the counter inside the Activity. Using SystemClock to track the time in your Activity in onStart() and onStop() for example, you can manually calculate the difference between those two values and adjust accordingly your counter.

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Hey ya hovanessyan thax for the answer but can u send me a sample of it cause i am actually nt getting this Service kinda thing and moreover i am not so experienced.mail id :- –  user1476323 Jul 3 '12 at 12:36

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