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How can I send a nodelist between Activities? I have an app in which there are 4 screens with four activities. In first activity I parse url to get a nodelist. When the button is clicked I need to start new activity and send nodelist to the second activity.
I tried this way

Intent intent = new Intent(this, SecondActivity.class);
Bundle bundle = new Bundle(); 

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Please specify the meaning of NodeList –  goldenJackal Jul 3 '12 at 11:14
The NodeList interface provides the abstraction of an ordered collection of nodes, without defining or constraining how this collection is implemented. NodeList objects in the DOM are live. developer.android.com/reference/org/w3c/dom/NodeList.html –  ipauler Jul 3 '12 at 11:20

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Make the class that implements interface NodeList also implement interface Parcelable and use this method on the intent.

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Simple way is that you can use Application class so that you can set a value using Setter method in Application and can get back the values using getter method in Application class..

Data will retain until your Application exists , so you can use it.. How to use Application class in Android

Also you can use Android Parcelable

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