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this is the data i want to plot with flot (jquery library )

where action is on the x axis and the count on the y

var data= [{"action":"QUERY INSURANCE","count":"9"},{"action":"QUERY POLICE DETAILS","count":"15"},{"action":"QUERY VEHICLE DETAILS","count":"3"},{"action":"CIVILIAN DETAILS","count":"1"},{"action":"LOGGING IN","count":"59"},{"action":"Report Occurrence","count":"1"},{"action":"QUERY CRIMINAL RECORDS","count":"2"},{"action":"QUERY VEHICLE OFFENCES","count":"2"},{"action":"QUERY DL VALIDITY","count":"5"},{"action":"REPORT OCCURRENCE","count":"23"}];

$.plot($("#plotrr"), [
        data: data,
        bars: { show: true }


how do i show the 'action' on the x axis and the 'count' on the y axis

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Have you looked at the flot API documentation? – David Thomas Jul 3 '12 at 11:50
yes i have , probably not well enough but i didn't get how to do that from there – kmarima Jul 3 '12 at 12:04

What you need to do is specify the ticks parameter for the xaxis in the flot options and set each of your actions as one of the ticks. So you'll do something like 0 = Query Insurance, 1 = Query Police Details, etc:

$.plot($("#plotrr"), [
        data: [[0,9],[1,15] ... ], //fill out the rest of your counts sequentially here
        bars: { show: true }

    //flot options
        xaxis: {
           ticks: [[0,'Query Insurance'],[1,'Query Police Details'] ...] //fill out the rest here

One other caveat is that it looks like your counts are strings when they should be numbers - i.e. count: "9" is wrong, count: 9 is right.

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