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I am having a xml file similar to below.

  <Parameter IsEncrypted="False">
  <Parameter IsEncrypted="False">
  <Parameter IsEncrypted="False">

I have copied only few nodes here. Actually the real file may be having hundreds of Parameter nodes.

We can't hard code the index as it may appear in any order. I am trying to retrieve SQLinstance name parameter value which is associated with Parameter Name "pCboEditSQLServer".

I would like to retrieve this value using powershell. How to parse this dynamic xml files?

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$sql = $xml.Parameters.Parameter | Where-Object {$_.ParameterName -eq 'pCboEditSQLServer'}


Here's another option (should be faster) using xpath:

$path = "/Parameters/Parameter[ParameterName='pCboEditSQLServer']/ParameterValue"

And there's the Select-Xml cmdlet:

$sql = $xml | Select-Xml -XPath $path 
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Read XML:

$xml = [xml](gc test.xml -Encoding utf8)

And use object model to retrieve data:

$xml.Parameters.Parameter | ? { $_.ParameterName -eq "pCboEditSQLServer" } | Select-Object -Property ParameterName, ParameterValue

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