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Hello i have a method that gets a string and change that to a particular date format but the thing is the date will be any format For Example

16 July 2012

March 20 2012

2012 March 20

so i need to detect the string is in which file format. I use the below code to test it but i get exception if the file format changes.

private String getUpdatedDate(String updated) {
        Date date;
        String formatedDate = null;
        try {
            date = new SimpleDateFormat("d MMMM yyyy", Locale.ENGLISH)
            formatedDate = getDateFormat().format(date);
        } catch (ParseException e) {
        return formatedDate;
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"any format" is quite a large scope. Does this include ambiguous dates like 03/04/05 which could be just about any order depending on locale? Does this include localized versions of month names? –  MvG Jul 3 '12 at 11:40

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Perhaps the easiest solution is to build a collection of date formats you can reasonably expect, and then try the input against each one in turn.

You may want to flag ambiguous inputs e.g. is 2012/5/6 the 5th June or 6th May ?

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BalusC wrote a simple DateUtil which serves for many cases. You may need to extend this to satisfy your requirements.

Here is the link: http://balusc.blogspot.in/2007/09/dateutil.html

and the method you need to look for determineDateFormat()

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It however does not account for dates like Aug 19, 1990 –  User3 Aug 1 '14 at 11:43
@user2822178: You can add one more reg ex to DATE_FORMAT_REGEXPS something like ^[a-z]{3}\\s\\d{1,2}[,]\\s\\d{4}$", "MMM dd, yyyy" –  RP- Aug 4 '14 at 21:34

If you're using Joda Time (awesome library btw) you can do this quite easily:

DateTimeParser[] dateParsers = { 
        DateTimeFormat.forPattern("yyyy-MM-dd HH").getParser(),
        DateTimeFormat.forPattern("yyyy-MM-dd").getParser() };
DateTimeFormatter formatter = new DateTimeFormatterBuilder().append(null, dateParsers).toFormatter();

DateTime date1 = formatter.parseDateTime("2012-07-03");
DateTime date2 = formatter.parseDateTime("2012-07-03 01");
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Decide which formats are expected, and try to parse the date with each format, one after the other. Stop as soon as one of the formats parses the date without exception.

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