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I have this query that, due to the number of records, is taking several hours and I wonder if there's a way to improve it:

update tableA target
inner join
    ( select b.columnZero, b.columnOne, b.columnTwo from tableB b
      inner join tableA a ON b.columnZero = a.columnZero
    ) as source
    on target.columnZero = source.columnZero
    target.columnOne = source.columnOne,
    target.columnTwo = source.columnTwo;

Edit: columnZero is primary key in tableB but not in tableA. In tableA I've got a different primary key from the columns mentioned above.

Any suggestions?

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It'd be great to see the scheme - or at least to show which fields are indexed. – raina77ow Jul 3 '12 at 11:42
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It seems to me that you are doing twice the same join (else I don't understand your query). What about:

update tableA a
inner join tableB b on a.columnZero = b.columnZero
    a.columnOne = b.columnOne,
    a.columnTwo = b.columnTwo;
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that's it, thank you! (i've joined twice because in a different situation i had to group the results in the inner select, but here that doesn't apply) – altvali Jul 3 '12 at 12:27

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