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I'm making a little alarm clock as a project to practice as I'm just a beginner.

I got 2 textboxes in which the user can put in the hours and minutes at which he wants the alarm to go off.

How do i check if the alarm time provided by the user is the same as the time on his system / pc?

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You may see this thread for the solution… – Habib Jul 3 '12 at 11:50
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int hours = System.DateTime.Now.Hour;
int minutes = System.DateTime.Now.Minute;

if(Convert.Toint32(txtHours.Text) == hours && Convert.Toint32(txtMinutes.Text) == minutes)
  // same time 
  // time not same
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Here is a litle sample to get you on your way

    int myMinute = 5;
    int myHour = 19;

    if (DateTime.Now.Minute == myMinute && DateTime.Now.Hour == myHour)
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All above answers are helpful but you should make in practice to use TimeSpan for comparing date or time.

int hour=5;
int min=20;
int sec=0;
TimeSpan time = new TimeSpan(hour, min, sec);
TimeSpan now = DateTime.Now.TimeOfDay;
// see if start comes before end
if (time == now)
    //put your condition

Please see this url for more info.

How to check if DateTime.Now is between two given DateTimes for time part only?

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var current = DateTime.Now;
if (current.Hour == 9 && current.Minute == 0) {
    //It is 9:00 now
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if(Convert.ToInt32(tbHours.Text) == DateTime.Now.Hours 
&& Convert.ToInt32(tbMinutes.Text) == DateTime.Now.Minutes)
        //set off alarm
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