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I'd just like to ask about a problem I'm facing with Facebook Graph API. I've connected to Facebook successfully, stored the user ID, and user access_code into my DB

Now when viewing the site I'm building, it's using the access_token stored in my database, but doesn't show my facebook statuses....because the "session has expired"....

Is there anyway I can regenerate the access_token?



$status = ''.$userId.'/statuses?limit='.10.'&access_token='.$app_token;
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User access tokens last only 1-2 hours. There is a technique to get a 60 day token for your use. It is explained here: Remember to get this extended access token prior to the short-lived access token expiring. You must pass in a valid working user access token to pass to it. Do this serverside, not clientside because you have to use your app secret.             

Remember to ask for the user_status permission when prompting the user. See:

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You cant regenerate it, but you can get a new one by having the user go through the oauth process again, it will return a new token -

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With that being the case, would this mean that each time my access_token runs out, I'd have to login again? – Sho-Silva Carter Daniel Jul 3 '12 at 15:11

You can try to get a long lived token. That will allow you to access the status even when the user is not loged in. See here

share|improve this answer would that work...because i've logged in, and my access token ends up lasting for 2 hours... I should be using this: "Exception 1: Desktop Apps" – Sho-Silva Carter Daniel Jul 3 '12 at 14:00

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