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I trying to make a connection with following ruby code


require 'socket'
puts "server"
socket = TCPServer.open(1000)
client = socket.accept
puts "connected"


require 'socket'

puts "client"
server= TCPSocket.open("",1000)
puts "connected"

but client side always says target machine refused it.

no "connected" printing on both side

when I change "" to "localhost", it works.

I wonder why I can't connect to my self

"" is my IPv4 address

when I type ipconfig on cmd,

it says "" is my ip.

I configure DMZ and port-forwarding too.

and all firewall is off.

I tried on windows xp and windows 7.

can someone help me?

(I want to connect to my computer from outside. and that's why I tried "")


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Did you try to create server with TCPServer.open("",1000)? –  Yuri Barbashov Jul 3 '12 at 13:03
thank you very much! now it works! –  kim taeyun Jul 3 '12 at 13:12

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In order to create server use TCPServer.open("",1000)

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