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I tried many ways to solve this problem but none works.

suppose I have a class:

class MyTestClass{
    function testPrint($a = '', $b = '', $c = '') 
        echo '1: ' . $a . ', 2: ' . $b . ', 3: ' . $c;        

and if I access this function by using this url http://localhost/ci/index.php/myTestClass/testPrint/a/b/c you will see 1: a, 2: b, 3: c as output, it's fine.

But if I assign $b to an empty string, the url will change to http://localhost/ci/index.php/myTestClass/testPrint/a//c

The output will change to 1: a, 2: c, 3: It seems CI ignores the missing parameter.

Question is how to prevent CI ignoring the missing parameter in the middle of uri?

My expected output for just now the url is 1: a, 2: , 3: c

Btw, I tried to use $this->uri->segment(n) to secure the parameter position, but it doesn't work.

I tried to update the routes.php by adding:

$route['myTestClass/(:any)/(:any)/(:any)/(:any)'] = "myTestClass/$1/$2/$3/$4"; but this does not change anything.

Any idea?

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I'm not sure this is a CI issue, I would guess browser and/or webserver. If I enter the URL stackoverflow.com//questions//11310801//… I will see this page. So likely what CI "sees" is http://localhost/ci/index.php/myTestClass/testPrint/a/c –  danneth Jul 3 '12 at 12:37
When generating the URL, could you not set a default for $b (or other missing params), say 0 or the word null? Routes make the most sense, but there are to many cases to cater for! –  cchana Jul 3 '12 at 13:09
@cchana It's not a problem with CI, its how your browser interprets the links. You may want to consider fixing the code to something like a/0/c, that what you have some type of input for "b". You can perform an if statement for if ($b == 0) $b = ''; if you really need it to be blank. –  Steven Lu Jul 3 '12 at 14:51
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I'm not sure if this is possible in your case, but what I would do is use a short dummy string (xyz in this example) just to prevent having to deal with / / and then filtering it out.


if ($b == 'xyz')
   $b = ''

If it's possible, try POST-ing variables instead of using the URI segments. That would make things a lot easier. Hope this helps.


Since you can't POST, how about enabling query strings?

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Thank you. But this will not work if the xyz is a user input value:) Actually the url is called by a mobile devices, not by web page, that's why I can not use POST. –  zqkun Jul 3 '12 at 12:44
Hmmm, enable query strings is new to me,let me try first. Thanks:) –  zqkun Jul 3 '12 at 14:33
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