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For reasons unknown to me, Xcode fails to download the documentation sets from the server.

Is there a way to download these documentation sets manually from a URL and then have Xcode's Core Reference Library unpack them?


Found what I was looking for:

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Don't edit the question with an answer, just answer your own question and mark it as the accepted answer. –  Frank Szczerba Jul 20 '09 at 21:42
Will do. Thanks Frank. –  rein Jul 21 '09 at 8:09

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Augmenting the blog post mentioned in the accepted answer here, since its comments are closed:

There's a separate feed for each OS release. You can follow the Snow Leopard documentation at

One way to find these URLs is to click the little "i" info icon for each DocSet in Xcode's Preferences -> Documentation -> Documentation Sets.

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If you are trying to download the iPhone docs you may be using an account that has no access to the docs.

Using Keychain Access, delete the '' entry, then attempt to download the docs and enter your iPhone-registered account info. -- Ronald Hayden, Cocoabuilder Xcode Archive

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Thanks, but I'm trying to download the Core Library. –  rein Jul 15 '09 at 19:00
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Found what I was looking for:

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That site isn't working for me. Can you add the key information here? –  Joseph Lord Apr 17 at 9:37

For Xcode 7.0 and maybe newer versions you should follow these steps to download and install documentation sets manually:

  1. At first you should find your proper item in the below link:

For example the following:

<!-- START iOS 9 doc set -->
  <string>iOS 9.0 Documentation</string>
    <string>$XCODE_VERSION &gt;= '7.0' &amp;&amp; $XCODE_VERSION &lt; '7.1'</string>
    <string>My description of content</string>
<!-- END iOS 9 doc set -->
  1. Download the file from source string. In our example:

  2. Rename the downloaded file using following structure:

"identifier string" + "-" + "version string" + ".dmg"

In our example:

  1. Then place it to:

I suggest you to remove all files with .dvtdownloadableindex extension (if any exists).

  1. Go to InstallPrefix string folder and remove existence related docsets (if any exists).

In our example the folder is $(HOME)/Library/Developer/Shared/Documentation/DocSets which refers to ~/Library/Developer/Shared/Documentation/DocSets. Then remove the file from there.

(In some cases, $(DEVELOPER) refers to /Applications/

  1. Open Xcode, go to preferences... . In the Download tab, simply click download arrow for the document. You find that the Xcode just pass the download progress and install the document.
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