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The question says it all. I can't seem to find any recent rails tutorials or whatever to set up an OpenID authentication system. I found RestfulOpenIDAuthentication but it's so much older than the vanilla Restful Authentication and the docs don't even mention Rails 2 that I am pretty wary. Does anyone have any tips? I'd like to do what stackoverflow does and only have OpenID support.


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Check out the Railscast covering exactly this topic. It builds on the previous episode which discusses Restful Authentication.

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I'll check it out, I just figured it wouldn't be up-to-date since it's from a year ago. – Frew Schmidt Sep 22 '08 at 4:29
I've found Railscasts to be the best source of information. The screen casts are really high quality and Ryan Bates' knowledge is second-to-none. – mlambie Sep 22 '08 at 4:31

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