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I must connect my Zend Framework 1.11 application with sybase 12.5.4.

I need to know how to do that from Windows 7 AND from debian 6.

I had installed sybase client on my Windows and enabled the php_sybase_ct extension (sybase_ct appears on my phpinfo), but I even could connect with sybase_connect.

The following code:

$cnn = sybase_connect('server.com.br,port', 'user', 'psw', "iso_1", 'app');
sybase_select_db('db', $cnn);

returns an error:

sybase_connect() [function.sybase-connect]: Sybase: Unable to connect in C:\wamp\www\testesybase.php on line 3

Someone can, please, help me?

I've been looking for it for a looong time!

Thank you!


Since I got sybase_connect() connect working, now my issue is: How to make Zend Framework 1.11 connect on Sybase 12.5.4?

I read that PHP uses pdo_dblib - PDO(sybase: ...) - to do that, but PHP5.3.10 on Windows doesn't have this driver anymore!

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    $cnn = sybase_connect('server.com.br,port', 'user', 'psw', "iso_1", 'app');

change this in

    $cnn = sybase_connect('server.com.br', 'user', 'psw', "iso_1", 'app');

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didn't work too. =( I allways get the same error. –  vinigarcia87 Jul 3 '12 at 13:28
what did the following code: $cnn = sybase_connect('server.com.br', 'user', 'psw'); print_r(sybase_get_last_message()); –  donald123 Jul 3 '12 at 13:37
it prints: ct_connect(): directory service layer: internal directory control layer error: Requested server name not found. –  vinigarcia87 Jul 3 '12 at 13:43
can you ping 'server.com.br' from your machine? i remember, in the past we had configured a FreeTDS Server on Ubuntu to connect to mssql-server. in the configfile [freetds.conf] we must have init the connection. eg [MyServer70] host = example.com port= 1433 tds version=7.0 client charset = UTF-8 –  donald123 Jul 3 '12 at 14:01
I got the error! At my work we use a shared sql.ini with all the dsn. When I installed the Sybase Client my PATH change to the local sybase, so I copy everything on (server)/sybase/sql.ini to (local)/sybase/sql.ini. Then I could connect to sybase. =) –  vinigarcia87 Jul 3 '12 at 14:25
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I got it working with Zend Framework by using PDO Driver for FreeTDS!

FreeTDS installation

You need to install php5-sybase (the Sybase connector provides the required libraries for connecting to the MSSQL Server and Sybase) and the freeTDS software and unixODBC.

To install and configure FreeTDS, see this link.

Also, this link provides a good read about FreeTDS installation.

Configuring a connection string and conecting with Zend Framework 1.11

Configure your connection on /etc/freetds/freetds.conf, like this:

host = <<ip>>
port = <<port>>
# use 8.0 for newer versions of SQLSERVER
    tds version = 8.0
    # text size don't need to be such a high value, its just an example
    text size = 4294967295
    client charset = UTF-8

Then, on Zend Framework 1.11, configure your connection like this:

database.adapter                = PDO_MSSQL
database.params.pdoType         = dblib

database.params.host            = MyServer
database.params.dbname          = <<dbname>>
database.params.username        = <<username>>
database.params.password        = <<passwd>>
database.params.driver_options.charset = UTF-8

database.isDefaultTableAdapter  = true
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How can you do that? Can you explain it please? –  Guido Jan 20 at 15:33
@Guido, I added more details to my answer to help you. –  vinigarcia87 Jan 21 at 11:54
Thanks @vinigarcia87 but it didn't work for me. –  Guido Feb 4 at 12:51

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