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I m made Desktop App in netbeans platform in wwhen i run my app it will open by default size of netbeans platform configuration.but i want full screen mode when i run or startup my app. so where and how to do that in my app?

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If you want to open the JFrame maximized by default in swing you can use JFrame. setExtendedState(), illusrated below:

public class MyFrame extends JFrame{ 
   public MyFrame() {

       // Other codes 

       // Set the JFrame to maximize by default on opening

       // Rest of the program

Also remember that you should not have JFrame.pack() or JFrame.setMaximimumSize() or JFrame.setSize() in the same menthod (here constructor).

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Use this code on Constructor.

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I guess you are using JFrames for your App.

// to start with
JPanel myUI = createUIPanel();
JFrame frame = new JFrame();

// .. and later ...

JFrame newFrame = new JFrame();
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If you want you Application to be Full Screen..Use Toolkit...

Toolkit t = Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit();

Dimension d = t.getScreenSize();

int ScreenWidth = d.width;

int ScreenHeight = d.height;

myframe.setSize(ScreenWidth, ScreenHeight);

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