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i searched for hours for a way to solve my problem but didn't get near to the solution.

I Want something like the Detail View of a Data Grid, but at a TreeView. So if i select an item of the TreeView i want to show three Buttons near the current selected item.

  • Level 0

    • Level 1

      • Selected item [button1] [button2] [button3]

        • Level 4

        • Level 4

I tried multiple ways:

  • Special HierarchicalDataTemplate
  • Visual States
  • ... 4hours

But nothing solved it. Is there a way in XAML to do this?

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relevant –  jberger Jul 3 '12 at 13:57

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Thanks for this link


While following your link I find two solutions that will fit my requirements:

Listbox Solution

TreeView Solution

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