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I would like to ask how to add HSQLDB library hsqldb.jar in Maven? I have project in Eclipse created as Spring Template Project from SpringSource Tool Suite. It uses Maven as far as I know. I would like my project to use and work with HSQL database. And at this moment I want my Tomcat server to use HSQLDB library file. So If I added this library file in Maven, my project would work properly with HQL database. This is my assumption. I have found this example http://slu.livejournal.com/5965.html but adding the jar file to the class path isn't very good programmig practice, is it? I'm newbie in Maven and also in Spring Framework.

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Remember about runtime scope in such artifacts (most people forget about it), since you use some generic API/SPI (ORM or JDBC probably) for database access and HSQLDB is only some kind of vendor for run-time implementation of such API/SPI.

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