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My website that sells products one page is called dvd.aspx which, using a sproc, displays all the dvds in my database with the "type=dvd". I have some admin pages in an admin folder where i can add new product, edit existing products but i need to let the admin decide which items to display, would anyone have any advice on how to go about this, do i need to create a page in admin folder for this or maybe edit code behind dvd.aspx page? Any kind of advice is welcome, Thank you

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Create new column in you table called somehing like "ToShow" and make it a bit type, edit your dvd.aspx to show items with type=dvd and ToShow=true.

Create admin page, add GridView with the option to change ToShow property. That way admin can select items to show.

Just a friendly advice,move to .net 4.0 and you can use some Object-relational mapper like Linq to Sql,NHibernate or Entity Framework, it would make your life a lot easier!

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Thank you for the idea, i have set up a new "toshow" column and admin can edit from his page. Added to sproc to now display if toshow=true. i will advance to 4.0 just for this 'project' i need to complete in 2.0. –  Gavin Gaughran Jul 5 '12 at 14:05

A flag on the product which indicates if it should be displayed. The admin can then adjust the flag to determine if it should be selected by your sproc.

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