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So I'm following thenewboston's tutorials on Slick 2D. I'm loading the Image exactly as he said:

private org.newdawn.slick.Image playNow;
public void init(GameContainer gc, StateBasedGame sbg) throws SlickException {
playNow = new org.newdawn.slick.Image("res/playNow.png");

This is my Eclipse project tree:


This is the output it gives me:

Tue Jul 03 09:31:53 PDT 2012 INFO:Slick Build #274
Tue Jul 03 09:31:53 PDT 2012 INFO:LWJGL Version: 2.8.5
Tue Jul 03 09:31:53 PDT 2012 INFO:OriginalDisplayMode: 1366 x 768 x 32 @60Hz
Tue Jul 03 09:31:53 PDT 2012 INFO:TargetDisplayMode: 640 x 360 x 0 @0Hz
Tue Jul 03 09:31:53 PDT 2012 INFO:Starting display 640x360
Tue Jul 03 09:31:53 PDT 2012 INFO:Use Java PNG Loader = true
Tue Jul 03 09:31:53 PDT 2012 INFO:Controllers not available
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.RuntimeException: Resource not found: res/playNow.png
at org.newdawn.slick.util.ResourceLoader.getResourceAsStream(ResourceLoader.java:69)
at org.newdawn.slick.opengl.InternalTextureLoader.getTexture(InternalTextureLoader.java:169)
at org.newdawn.slick.Image.<init>(Image.java:196)
at org.newdawn.slick.Image.<init>(Image.java:170)
at org.newdawn.slick.Image.<init>(Image.java:158)
at org.newdawn.slick.Image.<init>(Image.java:136)
at net.sourceforge.whowantsakookie.hamblaster.Menu.init(Menu.java:21)
at net.sourceforge.whowantsakookie.hamblaster.Game.initStatesList(Game.java:20)
at org.newdawn.slick.state.StateBasedGame.init(StateBasedGame.java:164)
at org.newdawn.slick.AppGameContainer.setup(AppGameContainer.java:390)
at org.newdawn.slick.AppGameContainer.start(AppGameContainer.java:314)
at net.sourceforge.whowantsakookie.hamblaster.Game.main(Game.java:31)

The tutorial is located here

I am doing this exactly as the tutorial said, and it works for him in the video. Thanks in advance :)

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The code snippet does not show the package, which is relevant with no / prefix in the String. –  Andrew Thompson Jul 3 '12 at 14:08
That's the way I've seen it. In org.newdawn.slick.ResourceLoader, it gets it as an InputStream. –  thatJavaNerd Jul 3 '12 at 14:13
For better help sooner, post an SSCCE. –  Andrew Thompson Jul 3 '12 at 14:13
The resource would need to be at org/newdawn/slick/res/playNow.png for that String to work from that class. If it is actually at res/playNow.png use "/res/playNow.png" (not the prefix /) as the String. –  Andrew Thompson Jul 3 '12 at 14:15
It still does the same thing, even with the forward slash. –  thatJavaNerd Jul 3 '12 at 14:18

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No your problem is that the "res" folder is in the same folder as the "src" file is in!

move your "res" folder containing all of your pictures INTO the "src/net.sourceforge.whowant/" folder/package in your program.

In your program you will load it by using

playNow = new org.newdawn.slick.Image("res/playNow.png");

Hope this helps! :)

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