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For any applied theme, I want to override the bold fonts with normal fonts. How do I do that?

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Assuming you're using Emacs 24's built-in themes,

my answer to this question applies pretty well. Something like this (untested):

(defun debold-font-lock ()
  "remove all colors from font-lock faces except comment and warning"
  (mapc (lambda (face)
          (when face
            (set-face-bold-p face nil)))


You can add this to load-theme with an advice if you need it to always happen.

EDIT: I mentioned an advice above, but it's generally better to not advice if you can help it.

So we can define a new function:

(defun load-theme-no-bold ()
  (call-interactively 'load-theme)

Map this function to a key as required or call it directly from M-x.

EDIT: Advice info.

In Emacs you can change the way any function works using the advice mechanism.

You think "P" should be inserted with the key a is pressed? No problem.

See docs.

Because this is a powerful tool, it tends to get trotted out a lot, but really it should only be applied as a last resort, because you never know what packages out there depend on the existing behaviour.

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Can you please clarify the last sentence? I am unable to understand it. – missingfaktor Jul 3 '12 at 15:08

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