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i was doing scraper on this site: http://www.sportmann.no/

everything goes fine until i found products like this: http://www.sportmann.no/product.aspx?productid=613232

so, product from above is strange cos there are two options 1) select color 2) select size

second option you dont see until you check color option, and than comes my problem, size options are not on a page, they are some kind of AJAX call and i can not scrape them

i am searching for a solution whole day and didnt find any which fits to my problem, tried every kind of request-response, formrequest,... using urllib2, request.post,... but nothing helped me

i checked what is going on with site when you click on color in FF Firebug and i saw there are some data which are send to server so I added data and headers data with post request, but there is no way i get proper response

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I have not investigated that specific page. If you wish to scrape a page that is only fully rendered after some ajax requests or other javascript processing your problem just got orders of magnitude more complicated. You essentially need the full power of javascript and the browser to construct the DOM and navigate it.

BTW: some sites do things like this because they don't want to be scraped and they know that very few people can pull this off (yeah who reads those terms of use pages).

There is a project that runs

a web scraping environment based on the use of a headless mozilla-based browser.

It sets up as a proxy server locally and then you can use python (BeautufulSoup anyone) to scrape the fully rendered dom (what you see in firebug after all of the javascript runs).

The project is Crowbar. It is one of the very cool Simile projects that were mercilessly dropped when funding dried up a number of years ago. As such it can be very tricky to install, expecailly if you have no xulrunner experience.

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Actually, I don't understand why can't you scrape a subsequent query. I trace it with LiveHTTPHeaders plugin for Mozilla and it shows just a regular POST query on color selection to this URL http://www.sportmann.no/product.aspx?productid=613232. The only extra-header is

X-MicrosoftAjax: Delta=true

All POST variables are available from the page source.

Build an opener with cookies support

import cookielib, urllib2
cj = cookielib.CookieJar()
opener = urllib2.build_opener(urllib2.HTTPCookieProcessor(cj)) 

and browse and parse pages. That's simple.

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yes, all POST var are on site and i use and send them, but all response i get is this: <html><body><p>11|pageRedirect||/error.aspx|</p></body></html> also i send and all header parameters –  hullfan Jul 4 '12 at 8:22

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