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I'm looking for some sort of TimeRange widget in Javascript/CSS/jQuery. I'm not looking for a time/date picker, which are widely available.

I need it for a website to allow businesses to select their openinghours by clicking and hovering over the hours they're open.

| 0h 0h15m 0h30m    ... 23:45 |

Anybody has seen such a nice looking customizable timerange selector widget?


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I'd look for a slider widget.. then set the times you need as the intervals.

The jQuery UI has one: jQuery UI Slider.

Update: based on the comment below about (single vs. double slider)...

1.) Theres a post already (just found) about making a 2 handled slider using the jQuery UI slider here.

Or if you have 2 sliders... one for opening time and one for closing... where each is broken down into 15min segments, but only for half a day each, would this work?

e.g. (ignore the ASCII-graphic uglyness)

 Open Time (AM): 12   1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8 |  9    10   11   12
                                                           ^ 8:15am

Close Time (PM): 12   1    2    3    4    5    6  |  7    8    9    10   11   12

Furthermore, if this is for "typical" businesses... you could likely chop from 11pm <-> 5am from the sliders.


I'm not a big fan of scriptaculous, but they seem to have a double slider:

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I thought about that as well, but that wouldn't really work as we don't know how many regions there are from the start. Eg. A business could be open from 8am-10am, 12-14am and 18-20am. Moreover, as I understand from the documentation, there's a max of one range per slider it seems. This is an example I found with ticks: – javacoder Jul 15 '09 at 15:07
Thanks scunliffe, I'm resorting to this not-so-flexible solution, until a widget emerges! – javacoder Jul 16 '09 at 14:54

Google Calendar has nice one (you can see it when you click "Check guest and resource availability" link on the event details form). But I can imagine it would be hard to clone.

Google Calendar Time Ranage

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Thanks for the screenshot! That's exactly what I'm looking for, in a more compact form. I can't image it doesn't already exist, eg. as a pluggable jQuery widget. – javacoder Jul 15 '09 at 14:23

go to " Show only the time picker without date picker" and check if that is what you need.

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