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I am new to Git and getting below error when I try to push a file (Gerrit)

ERROR:missing CHange-ID in commit message

I have searched for this error, and it is stated that, I should use the hooks. I have installed the hooks and still getting the error above. I have been to the below line

However, I am having hard time following there below instruction

If such information is missing in the commit message of existing commits (e.g. because the commit hook was only configured later) rewriting the commits will (re)execute the commit hook and so update the commit messages. If you do an interactive rebase to achieve this make sure that the affected commits are really rewritten, e.g. by choosing reword for all these commits and then confirming all the commit messages. Just picking a commit may not rewrite it.

Can someone give me step by step instruction how to resolve the issue.

Thank you!!!

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Do you have to update a single commit or set of commits? If it is a single commit, it is lot simpler – another.anon.coward Jul 3 '12 at 17:56
If it is a single commit & it is the latest commit i.e. when you do git log, commit is on the top, then just run git commit --amend which will open up the editor to make changes to the commit message, no need to do anything just save the message w/o changes. Now git log of your latest commit should also show Change ID. If it is multiple commits then you need to run git rebase -i <remote-branch> & change pick to reword in the editor which will open up. This will result in commit messages being opened up in the editor one after the other, just do as before & check with git log – another.anon.coward Jul 3 '12 at 18:03

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