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I would like to use custom tag into my html page and use jquery to read the text in it, something like :

<desc>Hello world</desc>

then with jquery I read the text with :


On firefox and Chrome, it works, I got the 'Hello world', but not with Internet Explorer (IE 9).

After debugging, it seems that the problem comes from IE : <desc> and </desc> are seen as two different DOM nodes. The Hello world is not a child node of <desc>. That's the reason it does not work. If I use the span tag instead of the desc tag : it works.

Is there a way to make it works on IE, or is that normal that IE does not interpret my custom tag like firefox / Chrome ?

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Why would you want custom tags in the first place? Just use proper IDs and Classes. – Rune Jul 3 '12 at 14:31
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just add on the head of your document


this is the basic idea also adopted from HTML5shiv to make IE<9 able to properly parse the new HTML5 elements (anyway be aware that you won't be able to inject dinamycally this element via javascript into the DOM)

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