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I see the following error: BigQuery error in load operation: Token invalid - Invalid token:
Stateless token expired

when I try to upload a big plain text ( or gzip'ed) (~90Million records) file

Here is the command I am using to try to upload the data:

~/bigquery-2.0.6]$ python load --skip_leading_rows 7 -F"\t" conn_logs.conn /scratch/conn.log /scratch/conn.schema

If I try smaller files, data loads up just fine.

Any idea what is causing this and how can I renew the tokens so that it doesn't expire ?


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This is actually a bug in the way token renewal is handled by the oauth2client -- namely it doesn't refresh the token at the end of the upload. It's being tracked internally, but I don't think there's an ETA on a fix yet.

The easiest workaround is simply to upload the file to Google Storage, and then call load using the Google Storage path. This is pretty painless, and there's even a nice tutorial.

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