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I am somewhat new to the graph visualization in Java and I am trying using JFreeChart Library,

I currently have 2 array's :

1st Array is an array of Integer values.

2nd Array is an array of Dates.

I would like to draw a graph where Date is on X-Axis and Integer Value should be on Y-Axis. Could anybody help how I can create such graph.

I already checked XYLine Chart, but the problem is dataset only takes integer as input but I have to put date.

Any other suggestion how I could create such chart.

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Your X axis will need to be a TimeSeriesCollection.

See the following Time Series Demo.
You can find other examples by searching for JfreeChart Time Series

UPDATE: To address the fact that some classes and methods have been @deprecated but the example still uses them - you will need to modify the example as follows:
1) Delete any references to: TimeSeriesCollection::setDomainIsPointsInTime(...) it is not requred because:

 /* @deprecated This flag is no longer used, as of 1.0.1.  The
  *             <code>includeInterval</code> flag in methods such as
  *             {@link #getDomainBounds(boolean)} makes this unnecessary.

2) Remove the second parameter from TimeSeries(..., ...). It is not required because:

 /* @deprecated As of 1.0.13, it is not necessary to specify the
  *     <code>timePeriodClass</code> as this will be inferred when the
  *     first data item is added to the dataset.
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Yeah, even I also check the same but I don't understand, in my Java API it is saying TimeSeriesCollection constructor is Deprecated or it can not be no longer used. – ACoder Jul 3 '12 at 15:15
I am using 1.0.14 Version – ACoder Jul 3 '12 at 15:28
Updated my answer – munyengm Jul 3 '12 at 16:23

You could convert the date to a long with

public long getTime()

and then to an Integer by using mathematical means of your choice.

For a Gantt representation, take a look at Jaret Timebars (GPL):

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