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I'd like to pass a parameter in request URL to the JavaScript code on GAE environment.

For example, following URL was entered.


The hello page was rendered with hello.py and hello.tmpl which are shown below respectively.

key = self.request.get('key')

{# hello.tmpl #} 
  <div id="key">{{ key }}</div>
  <script src="hello.js"></script>

In order to refer the key specified with URL in hello.js, the function can be written as following.

// hello.js
function() {

It works well and meets my original request that a parameter was propagated from the URL to the JavaScript Code.

However, I felt like it's not a smart way. I used div tag as a buffer between URL and JavaScript code. Does anyone know any smarter way to do this?

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You can use data extension instead of adding a div:

<body data-key='{{key}}'>

// hello.js
function() {
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