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I'm trying to add two gestures to a UIView in interface builder (swipe left and swipe right).

The first one (swipe left) works ... but the 2nd swipe gesture (swipe right) doesn't work, and I think it's because I can't connect the "New Referencing Outlet Connection" to the view (like my 1st gesture has) [see attached image].

can't connect outlet collection

Is this the reason?

I achieve this programatically, but would really like to understand how to add multiple gestures in interface builder.

Thanks, Chris

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Wait, that's what the Referencing Outlet Collection Connection does??? +1 –  CodaFi Jul 3 '12 at 15:08

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Look at the connections menu. They both automatically get added to the gestureRecognizers collection.

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I made a short tutorial video on how to use multiple gestures (right and left) in the interface builder. No coding is needed. I think a video is a better explanation for you :) My english is not the best, but I hope it helps you! :)

Xcode connect multiple gestures

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