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I am using MongoDB with Codeigniter (Cimongo) and I need to print out the results from the command db.currentOp on a webpage so that I can use the data to debug.

How can I do this?

Thankful for all help!

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Based on Viewing and Terminating Current Operation from the MongoDB docs, the db.currentOp() command is simply a query against the special $cmd.sys.inprog collection of a database. You can also confirm this via the JS shell:

$ mongo
MongoDB shell version: 2.1.0
connecting to: test
> db.currentOp
function (arg) {
    var q = {};
    if (arg) {
        if (typeof arg == "object") {
            Object.extend(q, arg);
        } else if (arg) {
            q.$all = true;
    return this.$cmd.sys.inprog.findOne(q);

I haven't worked with CodeIgniter or Cimongo, but looking at Cimongo.php, you should be able to use the get() method with $cmd.sys.inprog to receive a cursor, which you can then use to read the first element. There doesn't appear to be any abstraction for MongoCollection::findOne(), but that would have been my first choice for doing this in raw PHP:

$mongo = new Mongo();
$inprog = $mongo->selectCollection('test', '$cmd.sys.inprog');
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