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I have a symfony project in which I've been through my twig templates and added {% trans %}...{% endtrans %} or adding translations like {{ title|trans }} where appropriate. I've also added a file and that is working perfectly for the few translations I have tried.

Is there a way I can get a list of strings missing from my xliff file? It's quite hard to keep track of every translation as I add it. It seems like it should log a failure to get a translation in a log file somewhere, but I've been googling a while and can't find anything.

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Hi Try following May Be helpful.

Very powerful tool and definitely takes care of you problem.

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This is a very crappy patch to apply in vendor/symfony that does what I need. Probably not to be run on a production server!

diff --git a/src/Symfony/Component/Translation/MessageCatalogue.php b/src/Symfony/Component/Translation/MessageCatalogue.php
index b55676f..98a5cba 100644
--- a/src/Symfony/Component/Translation/MessageCatalogue.php
+++ b/src/Symfony/Component/Translation/MessageCatalogue.php
@@ -128,6 +128,8 @@ class MessageCatalogue implements MessageCatalogueInterface
             return $this->fallbackCatalogue->get($id, $domain);

+        error_log('Translation not found: "' . $id . '"');
         return $id;
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My solution was to overwrite the Translator and MessageCatalogue classes.


class RegisteringTranslator extends \Symfony\Component\Translation\Translator
    protected function loadCatalogue($locale)

        if ( ! $this->catalogues[$locale] instanceof RegisteringMessageCatalogue) {
            $registeringCatalogue = new RegisteringMessageCatalogue($locale);
            $this->catalogues[$locale] = $registeringCatalogue;


class RegisteringMessageCatalogue extends \Symfony\Component\Translation\MessageCatalogue
    public function get($id, $domain = 'messages')
        if ( ! $this->has($id, $domain)) {
            error_log('Translation not found: "' . $id . '"');

        return parent::get($id, $domain);


Of course you need to use the new Translator class.

Also not very nice because it uses the protected methods and properties of Translator class. But better than changing the Symfony code directly.

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I know this is an old question, but I'm posting here just in case somebody still has the same problem.

Starting from Symfony 2.6, you'll find a very nice addition to the web debug toolbar that shows how many translations you're missing.

enter image description here

By clicking it, the profiler will display a detailed list of missing translation.

Works out of the box, without any configuration.

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