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I've been following a tutorial on turning an array of objects into JSON but I've come across a few errors that I can't find a solution for.


Line 60 - 64

Gson gson = new Gson().toJson(data);


Line 60

incompatible types
found   : java.lang.String
required: com.google.gson.Gson
            Gson gson = new Gson().toJson(data);

Line 64

cannot find symbol
symbol  : method write(com.google.gson.Gson)
location: class java.io.PrintWriter

Does anyone know how to properly do what I'm trying?

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It certainly looks from your error messages that it should be

String gson = new Gson().toJson(data);

which seems to address both of those errors.

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toJson() – Convert Java object to JSON format

fromJson() – Convert JSON into Java object


Employee obj = new Employee(); // Your java object

Gson gson = new Gson();

// convert java object to JSON format,
// and returned as JSON formatted string
String json = gson.toJson(obj);

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