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I'm using a customized version of the vhost connect/express middleware and inside it I check for the www subdomain. If I find that subdomain, then I redirect to the host + path without the www. So for example, if I go to www.google.com I want to redirect to google.com. I call:

if (subdomain === "www") {
  res.redirect(req.headers.host.split('.').slice(1).join('.') + req.url);

However, this redirects me to: www.google.comgoogle.com as it appends the new url to the original one. Why is it doing this?

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What do you see if you console.log() both req.headers.host and req.url? –  ebohlman Jul 3 '12 at 22:54

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Try prepending the protocol:

res.redirect('http://' + req.headers.host.split('.').slice(1).join('.') + req.url);
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