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I am currently trying to round off a float number but i get an error message like: undefined method round_to for float 16.666667.. and my code for rounding off is

  option = [keys[count],    (((o.poll_votes.count.to_f)/@general_poll.poll_votes.count.to_f)*100).round_to(1)]

And what suprises me the most is that i have used this code at several places and is working just fine..but now is giving me errors.

thanks in advance.

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the method round_to does not exist anywhere in ruby core. Most likely this functionality was included in a library you were using before but have not required it in your current project. After a quick search it looks like this functionality is included in the Ruby Facets library.

gem install facets

Check this article to add this functionality yourself: http://www.hans-eric.com/code-samples/ruby-floating-point-round-off/


With a little monkey patching we can add custom round off methods to the Float class.

class Float
  def round_to(x)
    (self * 10**x).round.to_f / 10**x

  def ceil_to(x)
    (self * 10**x).ceil.to_f / 10**x

  def floor_to(x)
    (self * 10**x).floor.to_f / 10**x

------------------ snip 8<-------------------

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I have realized that there was nothing in the library, can you please just explain in detail how i can use this monkey patching? anyway thanks for the response. –  Dee-M Jul 15 '09 at 14:06
Monkey patching is just a way of saying appending methods to an already defined class. If you add this code to your project it will extend Float and methods will be available. I checked out the facets gem and it seems they have 2 methods round_to and round_at. round_at mimics the code posted above.. sorry if this caused confusion. –  Corban Brook Jul 15 '09 at 15:11
In my application I had to remove the .to_f in line 3 after (self * 10**x).round to avoid nasty-looking residual digits when I round_to(5) eg. Slope=-0.4123800000000001 –  Marcos Jan 12 '12 at 21:32

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