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What is the proper way to construct a cross-table update in Kohana 3 using the DB query builder?

Currently I am just using a DB::expr but I know the query builder is smarter than that.

// update record
$rows_updated = DB::update(DB::expr('user_list_permissions INNER JOIN users ON user_list_permissions.user_id ='))
->where('', '=', $user_list_permission_id)
->where('users.account_id', '=', $this->account_id)

And yes of course I tried using the "join" method like when building SELECT queries, but I receive an error:

ErrorException [ 1 ]: Call to undefined method Database_Query_Builder_Update::join()
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So you are using the expression to do the join, it is possible to use the built in 'join' function on the 'on' function to achieve this behavior.

So in your example it would look something like:

$rows_updated = DB::update('user_list_permissions')
->where('', '=', $user_list_permission_id)
->where('users.account_id', '=', $this->account_id)

There isn't much on it but the docs do have a little bit at

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Nope, does not work on update. Response from server: ErrorException [ 1 ]: Call to undefined method Database_Query_Builder_Update::join() – FireCoding Jul 5 '12 at 18:57
Was the "join" method added to the Database_Query_Builder_Update object since 3.1? I am testing in v3.1.3.1 (araea) – FireCoding Jul 5 '12 at 19:04
v.3.3.3 doesn't have join method on Database_Query_Builder_Update. – Zoon Apr 7 at 13:35

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