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How do I add a specific style (like bold, strike-through) to a word or a sentence in the textField data in JasperReports

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Set Markup=styled. Text field has to be a string, so you need to input your style opening tag, concatenate dynamic data and finally concatenate the closing tag.


"<b>" + $P{parameter_name} + "</b>"

"<font face='DejaVu Serif'>" + $R{resource_name} + "</font>"

"<style size='16'>" + $F{field_name} + "</style>"
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To my knowledge, this isn't actually possible. You only have the option of styling text in this way with a static text field (with the styled text option on). Styled text fields can be styled with italic/bold text etc. using HTML type tags.

Text fields though don't allow such styling as far as I'm aware.

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In iReport 2.0.5 and higher versions there is a option called 'Mark up' by which jasper parses html content, using which different styles can be applied to each word in a textfield expression.

Eg:- Stanley"]]>

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I referred http://community.jaspersoft.com/questions/509330/pdf-has-no-bold-or-italics. and it worked out for my requirement, because i only needed to normal text/ bold/ italic in dynamic field.

<style pdfFontName='Times-Bold'>to the beneficiary Mr./ Ms./ M/s. </style><style pdfFontName='Times-Italic'>" + $F{BENE_NAME} + " </style>on "
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