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In the project I'm working on we have several WSDL considered as interfaces. We are generating Java code from the WSDLs/XSDs.

The problem is that I have to remove one of the interface, but prior to that I want to generate the class with the @deprecated annotation.

I have yet some WSDL bindings and XSD bindings files, but with only default JAXB properties (mainly package naming and generateIsSetMethod).

I use cxf-codegen-plugin with maven 2.

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Using the annox plugin, I'm now able to mark as deprecated the parameter wrappers used for in and/or out of the methods in the WSDL.

Using the documentation tag in portType the WSDL I can't use the @deprecated Javadoc annotation to mark as deprecated the interfaces. (But only in Javadoc).

I'm looking for more:

  • Mark as deprecated (in the code) the interface
  • Mark as deprecated the client stubs that are generated.
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can you post the example of what you did to get this to work? I have the same question but I don't get how this answers it. – Nicholas DiPiazza Aug 5 '15 at 13:49
Project is Open source, so you can have a look. This… links to the binding files. If you check reportprovier (which was one of our deprecated interface) you should find the annox configuration. – YMomb Aug 5 '15 at 14:46

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