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I am reading a file that is in xml format (has elements, attribute,..). However, the contents in the file have no carriage return or space and all the contents are in one line.

I am searching for an element and will need to parse the value of the element.

I am thinking to use XMLStreamReader to read and parse the value.

Does it matter if the contents are in all in one line? Or, is there another way I should look into?


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XML is a structured document not a flat file by any definition. –  Jarrod Roberson Jul 3 '12 at 16:18

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No it doesn't matter that all the contents are on one line - whitespace such as carriage returns will be ignored by XML parsers!

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Thanks everyone. –  Tony Jul 3 '12 at 16:36

No it doesn't matter. what will happen is when parser creates DOM structure it will ignore the while space or newline element. XMLStreamReader treats a content as an event So if you dont have spaces it won't get fired to space or newline event. it will just return your xml elements.

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It shouldn't matter if the contents have whitespace between elements or not.


Is the same as

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Looking at the javadoc on XMLStreamReader you shouldn't have any problems. You just call next() and it will iterate to the next element.

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Try this............

If the file is in XML Format, whether all the xml script is in one line or divided into multiple lines, its ONE AND THE SAME.......

To parse the XML File, use one of the following




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