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Compute the minimum of a pair of vectors

I have two vectors of the same length:

a <- rnorm(40)
b <- rnorm(40)

Now, I want to create a third vector c which has a each point the minor value of a and b. This could be a solution:

for (i in 1:40)
{c[i] <- min(a[i],b[i])}

However, I guess there is an easier way to do this.

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This is exactly what pmin is for... which is documented in ?min.

a <- rnorm(40)
b <- rnorm(40)
minab <- pmin(a,b)
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Joshua's answer is without doubt the best solution for your question. However, I sometimes personally like to use simple tools and create my own piece of code or function. Here is another way of solving the problem:

apply(data.frame(v1 = rnorm(40), v2 = rnorm(40)),1,min)
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